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End of Season service tips...

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Rain is still coming, grass is still growing, but soon we will be engulfed in the fall season. Time to start thinking about how to wind down and protect your equipment for the winter storage season. Start off with these tips:

  1. Clean all the grass and dirt off from under the decks, tires, and discharge areas.

  2. Lubricate all your zone control and drive cables with a good quality protectant.

  3. Sharpen and balance any blades.

  4. Change your oil and flush your fuel system.

  5. Fill your fuel system back up to 95% full with a high quality, high octane, treated fuel. We suggest an Aspen Petrol Product.

  6. Last but not least, once or twice during the storage season, go start your machines and let them run for 5 minutes or so to help keep the fluids circulated and all the internal parts covered with lubricant and to help burn off any condensation build up.

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